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Monday, April 15, 2024

The "Pakachoag Trader" is also known in real life as Roy Wetherbee.  I'm currently the Northeast Region Vice President of ISCA (the International Scout Collectors Association) and the Blue Book Regional Editor for Region 1 (New England).  I'm a registered Scouter in the Mohegan Council headquartered in Worcester, Massachusetts, and a past Lodge Advisor of Pachachaug Lodge #525 (1995, 1996, 1997, 1998).    I was awarded the Eagle Scout rank in 1979, the OA Vigil Honor in 1994, District Award of Merit in 1995, and the OA Founders Award in 1998.  I'm an avid collector of Scout memoribilia from the New England region, and have been collecting patches since attending my first jamboree in 1977.

My Collecting Interests:

The primary focus of my collection is New England Order of the Arrow - I collect all issues from New England OA lodges as well as almost anything else that they issue (patches, neckerchiefs, slides, bolos, mugs, pins, etc).  I also collect OA Conclave issues from New England (i.e. Area A, Area 1, and Section NE-1, plus certain items from sections NE-2A, NE-3A and NE-2C).  I also collect items from the old Region 1 and the new Northeast Region.  More recently, I've also started to collect patches from New England camps, councils (RWS, CSP, CP), and community strips in all colors from Massachusetts cities and towns.  I'm always willing to buy or trade for items I need.

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